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The ideal heat treatment equipment for induction heating equipment to achieve a win-win situation

The ideal heat treatment equipment for induction heating equipment to achieve a win-win situation

Induction heating equipment is a common heat treatment equipment. In the current stage of development, it has gradually replaced traditional equipment and played an important role in the field of steel heat treatment. In the promotion and application of the equipment, not only the employees benefited, but also the production efficiency is improved. The enterprise has a new profit point, and both parties will benefit together.

Due to the stability and reliability of induction heating equipment, as well as the advantages of safety. These advantages are an important guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the casting and forging parts and heat treatment production lines in the workshop.

In fact, in addition to these advantages, induction heating equipment has a greater advantage, that is, good start-up performance, whether it is an empty furnace or a full furnace, it can achieve 100% start-up, can automatically and intelligently control production, and completely liberate human beings. Hands.

In addition, the induction heating equipment is placed in the room to heat the metal workpieces with electric current. Therefore, the heat treatment of the metal workpieces through the induction heating furnace does not cause the smoke and high-temperature baking like the traditional coal furnace. The working environment of induction heating equipment is relatively superior. A superior working environment can also meet the requirements of various indicators of the environmental protection department and establish a good external image of the company.

At the production level, the intermediate frequency induction furnace is pollution-free, low energy consumption, saving materials and costs, and has a long service life. Because the heating method of the induction heating furnace rises rapidly, the oxidation is extremely small, and the oxidation loss of the induction heating equipment when heating the forging is only 0.5%. Secondly, there are 3% of coal-fired furnaces, if they are not heated, there will be a certain percentage of oxidation losses. In contrast, the heating process of induction heating equipment can save the company’s materials. From each ton of forgings and coal-fired furnaces, at least 20 to 50 kilograms of steel raw materials can be saved, and the utilization rate can reach more than 95%. In addition, the heating method of the induction heating device is uniformly heated, so the temperature difference of the core surface is extremely small, so in terms of forging, the life of the forging die can be greatly increased.