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Structure description of 2000 degree vacuum tungsten wire sintering furnace

Structure description of 2000 degree vacuum tungsten wire sintering furnace

1. The tungsten wire sintering furnace adopts a vertical structure, which is composed of a furnace body, a furnace bottom lifting mechanism, a vacuum system, and a temperature control system.

2. The furnace body adopts a double-layer water-cooled structure, the inner wall is precision polished stainless steel, and the outer wall stainless steel is sandblasted and matted. (The inner and outer layers are made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and generous. It can avoid rust spots when used for a long time). Cool with water to keep the temperature of the furnace shell not exceeding 60 ℃. The heating element in the furnace is made of tungsten wire mesh and tungsten plate through self-fusion sealing welding process into a cage structure, which consumes less power and has a novel structure. The multi-layer heat shield is composed of tungsten sheet, molybdenum sheet and stainless steel. It is fixed with stainless steel plate outside. It has the characteristics of good air permeability, good cleanliness, and quick heating. The screen cover adopts the same material structure, and the stainless steel materials are precisely polished. The side of the furnace is equipped with water-cooled electrodes, observation holes and shielding. The temperature control adopts segmented automatic control, and the temperature measurement below 2000 ℃ adopts the independent temperature measurement of the tungsten sleeve tungsten rhenium thermocouple independently developed by our company.

a. The thermocouple is a tungsten sleeve protective tungsten rhenium thermocouple independently developed by our company. The use of high-quality ultra-high temperature insulating materials enables the thermocouple to directly measure from room temperature to 2100°C, and it is not easy to use it for a long time under a high temperature environment of 2100°C. Features such as broken couple, long service life and accurate temperature measurement. It completely solves the defects of inaccurate temperature measurement and easy interference with conventional infrared instruments.

b. The furnace body is also equipped with a monitoring thermocouple to detect the temperature of the insulation layer. Once the main temperature measuring device fails, it will automatically cut off the heating program and give an alarm to protect the safety of the equipment and the sintered workpiece.

3. The upper part of the furnace body is the furnace cover, and the furnace cover is provided with a thermocouple hole. The tungsten sleeve protects the tungsten rhenium thermocouple perpendicular to the furnace cavity, so that the temperature measurement is more accurate.

4. The lower part of the furnace body is the furnace bottom, and crucibles or other processed materials can be placed on the furnace bottom. The opening of the furnace bottom adopts electric lifting (and manual function), which is convenient for users to load and unload materials.

5. The heating element adopts high temperature tungsten wire mesh, and the reasonable layout is beneficial to improve the uniformity of furnace temperature. Multi-layer metal heat shield composed of tungsten and stainless steel, externally fixed with stainless steel plate, has the characteristics of good air permeability, good cleanliness, and quick heating. The screen cover adopts the same material structure, and the stainless steel materials are precisely polished. Vacuum cleaning reduces the outgassing. . The tungsten plate is made into a cage structure through the self-fusion sealing welding process, which consumes less power and is novel in structure.

6. The furnace side insulation layer is equipped with an over-temperature protection thermocouple. Once an abnormality occurs in the furnace, it will automatically cut off the heating and give an alarm. The heating field in the furnace adopts a flexible structure to prevent thermal expansion and deformation, and has a longer service life.

Vacuum system of vacuum tungsten wire sintering furnace

It adopts two-stage pump configuration, one VRD-8 direct-coupled pump and one FB-600 molecular pump. Manual high vacuum baffle valve, manual vacuum small baffle valve, vacuum pressure gauge, inflation valve, vent valve, etc. The connection between the vacuum pipeline and the pump is connected by a metal corrugated hose quick connector (to reduce vibration), and the vacuum degree is measured. Use digital display compound vacuum gauge.

Water cooling system for vacuum tungsten wire sintering furnace

It is composed of various pipeline valves and other related devices. The branch adopts black rubber water pipes, and the stainless steel joints and rubber pipes are connected by pressing. After the cooling water main pipe enters, it is sent to the furnace body, furnace cover, furnace bottom, water-cooled electrode, diffusion pump and other places where cooling water is needed through each branch pipe, and then is collected to the water pipe for removal. The main water inlet pipeline is equipped with an electric contact pressure gauge, which has the function of automatically cutting off the power supply by sound and light alarm. Each cooling water inlet pipe is equipped with a manual valve, which can manually adjust the water flow.

Inflation system

The flow rate is controlled by a glass rotor flowmeter, the pressure in the furnace is controlled by a pressure sensor, the protective atmosphere intake pipe and exhaust pipe, and the protective atmosphere system is equipped with CKD automatic solenoid valves, on-off valves, etc.

Electric control cabinet

The furnace body and the vacuum system are installed on one side of the electric control cabinet, forming an integrated structure with the electric control cabinet, and the transformer is located in the control cabinet. The electrical control system is concentrated in the control cabinet, and the touch screen, digital display current and voltmeter, vacuum gauge, etc. are designed on the panel. The control cabinet is a standard electric control cabinet structure with integrated ventilation system. The electronic control system also has sound and light alarm functions such as overcurrent, water cut, overtemperature and thermocouple conversion failure. The electrical components used are Schneider, Omron and other brands.

Scope of supply

1. Furnace body: 1

2. PLC programmable controller: 1 set

3. Compound vacuum gauge (Chengdu Ruibao): 1 set

4. Main temperature measuring device: 1

5. Touch screen (Kunlun Tongtai): 1

6. Monitoring thermocouple: 1 set

7. Monitoring instrument: 1

8. Power cord: 6 meters


9. VRD-8 direct-coupled pump: 1 set

10. FB-600 molecular pump (Beijing Century Jiutai): 1 set

11. Electric control cabinet: 1

12. Transformer: 1

13. Instructions and related materials: 1 set

spare parts

1. Thermocouple wire: 2 pieces

2. Observation window glass: 2 pieces

3. Sealing ring: 1 set

4. Tungsten crucible: 1 set