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What factors are related to the good or bad sealing of the trolley furnace

What factors are related to the good or bad sealing of the trolley furnace

In the experimental production, the sealing condition of the trolley furnace directly affects the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace and the power consumption. This time, the editor will tell you that there are three main factors that affect the sealing of the furnace:

The joint part of the furnace door, the furnace body and the furnace car: This joint part is difficult to seal the trolley furnace, and it is also the part of the furnace that leaks. The furnace adopts a spring compression and a soft side mechanism of the furnace door to seal. This part can be well sealed and easy to adjust.

The joint between the furnace body of the bogie furnace and the two sides of the bogie: Because the furnace body and the furnace have relative access, considering the expansion after heating, this part should have a certain gap, so this part adopts a sand seal and a full application. The fiber characteristics are sealed with a soft seal structure. This kind of sealing structure is characterized by reliable sealing and convenient adjustment.

The junction between the trolley and the back of the furnace body: It adopts insert-soft edge seal, which is compressed by the power of the furnace itself. The comprehensive use of the above sealing technology ensures that the trolley furnace is always in a sealed state during the production process, prevents the escape of high-temperature furnace gas, improves the working environment, and enhances the energy-saving effect.