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Development Trend of Induction Furnace in Foundry Industry

Development Trend of Induction Furnace in Foundry Industry

1. The application of induction furnaces makes the furnace capacity of smelting furnaces range from small to large, from tens of kilograms to tens of tons in the foundry industry, and even the capacity of some smelting furnaces has exceeded 30T, and the holding furnace has exceeded 50T;

2. The application of induction electric furnace makes the heating power of induction electric furnace from small to large, generally from 100Kw—15000Kw, and even there is a large medium frequency power supply of 20000Kw;

3. The induction furnace power supply has developed from parallel resonance to series resonance, so that the induction furnace has developed from a set of intermediate frequency power supply to drive a melting furnace body to a “one-to-two” (one for melting, one for heat preservation, series circuit), until ” One drag three”.

4. The induction electric furnace has made great progress in steelmaking, and the induction electric furnace has achieved good results in the production of stainless steel with out-of-furnace refining of steel or AOD furnace;

5. In recent decades, with the development of thyristor technology, the intermediate frequency power supply has also made important breakthroughs. At present, the intermediate frequency power supply has developed into “three-phase six-pulse”, “six-phase twelve-pulse” and “twelve-phase two-pulse”. Fourteen veins”. The thyristor induction furnace has high reliability, and the power supply device can be synchronized with the treatment of high-order harmonics.

  1. The application of automatic control of induction electric furnace can easily use PLC programmable control system to effectively control the electronic parameters of induction electric furnace, especially in the automatic application of forging heating production line or quenching and tempering heating production line, which is helpful for the construction of intelligent factory. great contribution