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Angle steel induction heating equipment

Angle steel induction heating equipment

A. Product features of angle steel induction heating equipment

1. The heating speed is fast, and the heating time of ordinary heat treatment (such as quenching and annealing) is generally not more than 10 seconds per month, which solves the problem of the traditional heat treatment process that the oxide layer is too thick due to the long heating time.

2. The heating position can be controlled freely, and it will not generate too much heat to the position that does not need to be heated, and meets the heat treatment requirements of special workpieces (such as: gear, sprocket tooth surface quenching, bar material partial treatment).

3. Energy saving, three-quarters energy saving than the original electronic tube high-frequency machine, high-frequency furnace, electric furnace, etc. The operation is simple, that is, learn and meet, and there is no open flame, no high temperature, and high pressure during work (the working voltage of the induction coil is 36V), and it has good safety.

4. For quenching, the welding area is between 1mm2-1cm2, and the allowable amount of deformation is small. For workpieces that require ultra-fast quenching and welding, the best results can be obtained with this machine.

5. Use special microcomputer software to realize automatic frequency and fault self-diagnosis function.

6. It can be heated and welded with a minimum of Φ0.1mm, as thin as a hair’s metal.

7. The quality is extremely stable. We are proud of the high-end and elegant design and outstanding manufacturing quality.

8. Small size, light weight, and will not occupy too much production space. The working position can be moved at any time to facilitate production needs.

B. Angle steel induction heating equipment

Model: WH-VIII-120 Input power: 120KW

Input voltage: three-phase 380V Oscillation frequency: 25-35KHz

Cooling water pressure: 0.2-0.3mpa3

Volume: main 225×480×450mm3 divided into 256×600×540mm3

C. Product use

1. Thermal deformation of bolts and nuts.

2. Diathermic forging of round steel.

3. Quenching of gears.

4. Metal powder is remelted.

5. Quenching treatment of the motor shaft.

6. Quenching of gears and sprockets.

7. Thermal deformation of various automotive tools (such as socket wrenches).

8. Partial heat treatment of auto and motorcycle parts.

9. Local heat treatment of various mechanical parts.

10. For the quenching treatment of various machine tool rails, double rails can be quenched at one time.

11. This product is suitable for all kinds of round steel, square steel, flat steel, angle steel, steel plate, steel bar and other workpieces for integral forging heating, local and end bending and hot stamping processes.