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What are the advantages of static heating crankshaft neck induction heating furnace quenching?

What are the advantages of static heating crankshaft neck induction heating furnace quenching?

At the beginning of the 21st century, the American Inducto-Heat company developed a new crankshaft neck induction hardening and tempering process, referred to as the Sharp-C process. The induction heating furnace quenching that realizes this process is called static heating crankshaft neck induction heating furnace quenching. It has the following advantages:

1) Simple operation, good reproducibility, easy maintenance, compact equipment, and in some applications, the equipment area is only 20% of the rotary quenching machine tool.

2) The heating time is short, each journal is generally 1.5~4s, so the deformation is reduced. During spin quenching, the heating time of the crankshaft journal is usually 7~12S

3) The heating time is short, which reduces the decarburization and oxidation of the surface, reduces the growth of crystal grains, and reduces heat conduction losses.

4) The static heating inductor covers the entire journal surface, and the radiation convection loss is small, so the heating efficiency is high. The quenching process has better controllability, and the saddle-shaped hardened layer is not easy to appear.

5) The sensor of this device does not use spacers and has a long service life.

6) In addition to quenching, this machine tool also provides induction tempering. The tempering time is short, and the temperature is slightly higher than the general tempering temperature.

7) The structure of the sensor is two thick copper blocks on top and bottom. It is processed by a CNC machine tool and has no brazing part, so it is not easy to be deformed, has fewer components, and has high reliability. The gap between it and the journal is larger than that of the rotary half-inductor, which reduces stress corrosion and stress fatigue. The service life of this type of sensor is more than 4 times the service life of a semi-annular sensor.

8) Since the magnetic field lines of the inductor are closed, its power factor is very high.

9) Due to the reduction of oxide scale, the filtration requirements of the device are reduced.