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Installation method of vacuum atmosphere furnace

Installation method of vacuum atmosphere furnace

Vacuum atmosphere furnaces are now used in many industrial manufacturing in the heating process. For the atmosphere furnace, we should first understand the structure of the atmosphere furnace before operating, in order to have a better operation of the atmosphere furnace, and to deal with various conditions in time during operation. .

The structure of the atmosphere furnace is mainly composed of a furnace frame, a furnace shell, a furnace lining, a furnace door device, an electric heating element and an auxiliary device. The function of the furnace frame is to bear the load of the furnace lining and the workpiece, and usually there are section steel welded into a frame, and the steel plate is covered. The function of the furnace shell of the vacuum atmosphere furnace is to protect the furnace lining, strengthen the structure of the electric furnace and maintain the airtightness of the electric furnace. The steel plate is usually welded on the steel frame. The reasonable design of the furnace frame and the furnace shell has sufficient strength. Let’s take a look at the installation method:

1. The vacuum atmosphere furnace does not need special installation, it only needs to be placed on a flat ground or workbench. The controller should avoid vibration, and the location should not be too close to the electric furnace to prevent overheating and the electronic components can not work normally.

2. Before installing the electric furnace, check whether it is damaged or incomplete due to transportation or other reasons. If it is complete, remove the dirt from the parts first, repair the defects found, and then install it.

3. Insert the thermocouple through the couple hole, and fill the gap between the couple hole and the thermocouple with asbestos rope to prevent heat loss.

4. Check whether the electric heating element of the vacuum atmosphere furnace is broken, cracked, severely bent, and falling out of the bricks.

5. Please refer to the wiring diagram in the controller manual to connect the power cord, electric furnace cord, and compensation wire.

6. After the wire is connected, please follow the procedure below to bake the new vacuum atmosphere furnace before using it for the first time.