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The advantages of quartz sand mixture ramming material

The advantages of quartz sand mixture ramming material

Induction furnaces will have various problems during use, so the ramming material will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the high-temperature smelting process. Therefore, the quality of the ramming material of the induction furnace directly affects the use of an induction furnace in the smelting process. Specifically, it has the following characteristics:

1. Stable effect: The ramming material is based on high-density quartz sand mixed with partial fused silica, pre-phase-change treated quartz, high temperature resistant binder, anti-surge stabilizer, anti-seepage agent, anti-cracking agent To wait for imported composite micro-powder materials. It has anti-corrosion ability of molten iron, no cracking and low wear and tear.

2. High and high temperature resistance: The products are respectively suitable for smelting temperature of 1400℃-1780℃, which can be suitable for the temperature resistance requirements of modern almost smelting materials.

3. Convenient construction: The material is all pre-mixed dry ramming mixtures. The sintering agent and mineralizer content have been formulated according to the daily needs of customers. The user does not need to configure any materials, and can directly dry vibrate or dry ramming. use.

4. Blast furnace age: The material is continuously used under normal construction and construction, under operating conditions, and induction furnace smelts gray iron, pig iron, ductile iron and other cast iron materials. The normal ramming material can be used more than 500 times; and smelting The life of normal ramming materials of plain carbon steel, high carbon steel and high chromium steel can reach about 195 heats.