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Introduction of epoxy pipe manufacturing process

Introduction of epoxy pipe manufacturing process

1. Preparation of glue. Heat the epoxy resin in a water bath to 85~90℃, add the curing agent according to the resin/curing agent (mass ratio)=100/45, stir and dissolve it, and store it in the glue tank under the condition of 80-85℃. .

2. The glass fiber is wound on the metal round core mold, the longitudinal winding angle is about 45°, and the width of the fiber yarn is 2.5mm. The fiber layer is: longitudinal winding 3.5mm thick + hoop winding 2 layers + longitudinal winding 3.5mm thick + 2 hoop windings.

3. Scrape the resin glue liquid to make the glue content in the fiber winding layer be calculated as 26%.

4. Put a heat-shrinkable plastic tube on the outer layer, blow hot air to shrink and wrap it tightly, then wrap the outer layer with a 0.2mm thick, 20mm wide glass cloth tape in a ring direction, and then send it to the curing oven for curing.

  1. Curing control, firstly rise from room temperature to 95°C at a rate of 3°C/10min, keep it for 3h, then raise it to 160°C at the same heating rate, keep it for 4h, then take it out of the oven and cool it down naturally to room temperature.

6. Demould, remove the glass cloth tape on the surface, and perform post-processing as needed.