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Why is there “frost” in the evaporator of the chiller? How to solve?

Why is there “frost” in the evaporator of the chiller? How to solve?

The reason why the evaporator may appear frost is because when the refrigerant in the evaporator pipeline is evaporating, the temperature of the evaporator tube surface will be lower, which will naturally cause the moisture in the air to condense on the evaporator tube surface. , This is the same reason as the condensation water in the condenser.

Although it is not the evaporator of any chiller, it may be placed in the air (most of the evaporator pipes are placed in the chilled water, so they will not be exposed to the air), but if the evaporator tube If the surface is exposed to the air, there is a high probability that frost will occur.

How to solve the frosting problem is the concern of every chiller operator and management personnel, and there are many methods. However, there are only a few commonly used methods to solve the frosting problem, which will be specifically described below.

First of all, ignoring it is one way.

The frosting of the evaporator is a relatively normal phenomenon and does not mean that the evaporator has failed, so it can be ignored. However, the frosting of the evaporator will affect the normal operation of the evaporator to a certain extent. The solution is Human nature.

Secondly, you can use a dedicated chiller defrosting tool to directly attach the tool to the periphery of the evaporator. When you need to use it, move its processing head to the periphery of the evaporator and turn on the power to complete the defrosting work. Generally, it will not damage the evaporator.