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Furnace technology for fused alumina corundum neutral ramming material for induction furnace

Furnace technology for fused alumina corundum neutral ramming material for induction furnace

The various processes of the furnace use process are also very important to the service life of the furnace, and various improper operations may reduce the service life of the furnace. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to during use.

(1) Since the sintered layer of the ramming material of the new furnace is thin, the use process of the new furnace is very important. The first furnace of the new furnace should add 50% of the water to be melted. This can avoid defects such as cracks and cracks caused by the rapid cooling of the furnace lining after all the water is discharged; the new furnace should be continuously smelted as much as possible to avoid intermittent melting. The resulting cracks should generally be melted continuously for 1 week.

(2) Try to avoid high temperature smelting during the smelting process. At high temperatures, the furnace lining will react with molten iron in the crucible, as shown in the following formula: SiO2+2C→Si+2CO. The higher the temperature, the higher the C and the lower the Si, the corrosion of the furnace lining will increase, especially in It is more obvious when the furnace is new, so try to avoid high temperature while ensuring the water temperature when melting.

(3) Avoid overheating of the furnace lining. Because the heating rate of the intermediate frequency furnace is quite fast, when the smelter is not paying attention, the charge will appear “bridging” and the furnace lining will appear localized high temperature or even exceed the refractoriness of the furnace lining, which may cause the furnace lining to melt and corrode damage.

(4) During use, when the furnace needs to be shut down for a long time due to failures and other reasons, the molten iron in the furnace should be emptied to avoid the furnace lining from being damaged due to the cracking of the furnace lining when the molten iron is condensed.

(5) Try to use clean charge during use, especially when the furnace is new.

(6) When the furnace is stopped for cooling, in order to avoid sudden cooling of the furnace lining, an empty furnace should be cooled. At the same time, to avoid cracks caused by the excessive temperature difference between the upper and lower temperature of the furnace lining during the cooling process, the furnace cover should be covered to make the furnace lining During cooling, the upper and lower sides are even, so as to ensure the service life of the furnace.

(7) Since vertical cracks inevitably appear when the furnace is cold, when the cold furnace is started, the furnace should be baked at a low temperature before melting, so that the cracks can be closed first, and the cracks can be prevented from infiltrating into the cracks when the molten iron is melted and the cracks are further expanded.

(8) Pay attention to the furnace condition during the use of the furnace. Observing the furnace condition is a kind of protection for the furnace. The bottom of the furnace is measured every 3 days, and the furnace wall must be observed for each furnace every day, thus ensuring the safety of the furnace lining. .

(9) Maintenance and maintenance of induction furnace equipment, such as frequent purging of the coil, cleaning the debris on the coil to prevent coil breakdown, thus avoiding the furnace disassembly caused by equipment failure, and effectively improving the service life of the crucible.