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The difference between high frequency quenching, intermediate frequency quenching and super audio frequency quenching equipment

The difference between high frequency quenching, intermediate frequency quenching and super audio frequency quenching equipment

Metal workpieces need to be quenched and heated. Induction hardening equipment is now a more popular method for manufacturers. According to the frequency of the equipment, it can be divided into high-frequency induction hardening equipment, intermediate frequency hardening equipment and super audio frequency hardening equipment. When purchasing, someone Need intermediate frequency quenching equipment, some people need high frequency quenching equipment, of course, some people need super audio frequency quenching equipment, which depends on the thickness of the quenching layer required by the workpiece.

Although high-frequency hardening equipment, intermediate-frequency hardening equipment and super-frequency hardening equipment are very different, their working principles are the same. They all use the frequency of induction current to quickly heat and cool the steel surface. That is, through the induction coil of a certain frequency of alternating current, the same frequency of the alternating magnetic field will be generated inside and outside the coil. If the workpiece is placed on the coil, the workpiece will be induced by the alternating current and heat the workpiece.

The current penetration of the surface depth of the sensing workpiece depends on the current frequency (period per second). The higher the frequency, the shallower the current penetration depth, the thinner the hardened layer. Therefore, it is possible to select different frequencies to achieve different Deep hardened layer, which is why some people choose medium frequency quenching equipment, some people choose high frequency quenching equipment, and some people choose super audio frequency quenching equipment. Let’s talk about high-frequency hardening, intermediate-frequency hardening and super-audio hardening equipment.

1. High-frequency quenching equipment is 50-500KHz, hardened layer (1.5-2mm), high frequency of hardness, workpiece is not easy to oxidize, deform, quenching quality, high production efficiency, this type of equipment is suitable for friction conditions, such as general The pinion, shaft type (for 45# steel, 40Cr steel material).

2. Ultra-audio frequency quenching equipment 30~36kHz, hardness layer (1.5-3mm). The hardened layer can be divided along the contour of the workpiece. The surface heat treatment of the small modulus gear is to obtain high hardness martensite by changing the surface structure of the part, while retaining the toughness and plasticity of the core (ie surface quenching), or changing the surface chemistry at the same time Composition to obtain corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and surface hardness higher than the former (ie, chemical heat treatment) method.

3. The medium frequency quenching equipment is 1-10KHz and the frequency of the hardened layer depth (3-5mm). This type of equipment is suitable for bearing parts, such as crankshafts, large gears, pressure loads, grinding machine spindles, etc. (the material is 45 steel, 40Cr Steel, 9Mn2V and ductile iron).

The choice of quenching equipment in the frequency band is determined by the customer, and the choice of product is also determined by the customer. The quenching equipment of a certain frequency band is determined by the quenched workpiece. Customers need to carefully distinguish between the quality of the product and choose the trustworthy and reliable manufacturer. Products can make their work more efficient。