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How to deal with the overcurrent of high frequency induction heating equipment?

How to deal with the overcurrent of high frequency induction heating equipment?

The reasons for the overcurrent of high-frequency heating equipment are:

1. The self-made induction coil has incorrect shape and size, the distance between the workpiece and the induction coil is too small, there is a short circuit between the workpiece and the induction coil or the induction coil itself, and the prepared induction coil is affected by the customer’s metal fixture during use or The influence of nearby metal objects, etc.


1. Re-make the induction coil. The coupling gap between the induction coil and the heating part should be 1-3mm (when the heating area is small), and the induction coil should be wound with a round copper tube or square copper tube with a thickness of 1-1.5mm and above φ5;

2. Check whether the heating power matches the protector. If the match is correct, check whether the operation is correct, mainly the heating time;

3. When materials with poor magnetic permeability such as copper and aluminum are inductively heated, the number of induction coils should be increased;

4. The equipment should avoid sunlight, rain, humidity, etc.;

5. Change to a larger protector switch, provided that the heating system is normal.

Two, start-up overcurrent

1. IGBT breakdown

2. Driver board failure

3. Caused by balancing small magnetic rings

4. The circuit board is wet

5. The power supply of the drive board is abnormal

6. Short circuit of the sensor


1. Replace the driver board and IGBT, remove the small magnetic ring from the lead, check the waterway, whether the water box is blocked, blow the board used with a hair dryer, and measure the voltage;

2. Overcurrent after using for a period of time after booting: the reason is generally poor heat dissipation of the driver. Treatment method: reapply silicone grease; check whether the waterway is blocked.

Three, power increase over current

1. Transformer ignition

2. The sensor does not match

3. Driver board failure


1. The inside of the machine and the induction coil must be cooled by water, and the water source must be clean, so as not to block the cooling pipe and cause the machine to overheat and damage. The temperature of the cooling water should not be too high, it should be lower than 45℃;

2. Do not use waterproof raw material tape when installing the induction coil to avoid bad electrical connection. Do not change the induction coil soldering to brazing or silver welding;

3. There are many reasons for the influence of the number of turns of the induction coil on the current, and it can also cause overcurrent.