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Specification of Induction Melting Furnace ‍Vibrating Charging Truck

Specification of Induction Melting Furnace ‍Vibrating Charging Truck

Induction melting furnace vibrating charging truck is divided into tonnage: 1t, 2t, 3t, 4t, 5t, 6t, 8t, 10t, 20t, 25t.

E. Induction melting furnace ‍Vibration charging car structure description:

Induction melting furnace ‍The vibrating feeding cart uses dual vibration motors to excite, with strong vibration, uniform feeding, no material jam, and cutting speed: the induction melting furnace feeding cart runs smoothly and vibrates strongly, and the unique feeding port design makes the feeding Stable, small impact of the material block on the furnace wall, prolong the service life of the furnace refractory material, and reduce the customer’s use cost.

1) Walking speed: Frequency conversion speed regulation, speed 0~20m/min, decelerate to 12m/min when 4 meters away from the furnace body

2) The drive mechanism of the feed car adopts a cone-shaped motor with a brake device (frequency conversion motor), stable operation, stable parking, accurate positioning, reliable and durable dual-motor drive, which can ensure that the load can still be reduced when a set of drive fails.

3) The vibration motor is a well-known domestic brand, and the vibration spring adopts rubber composite spring;

4) The storage bin and the vibrating trough have a three-layer structure. The middle layer is made of sound-proof and noise-reducing materials. The contact surface with the iron and the bottom of the tank are riveted with a 10mm wear-resistant manganese steel plate; the lining is a replaceable 8Mn resistant Grinding manganese steel (thickness: 8mm), fixed with countersunk screws and replaceable;

5) The storage bin and the vibrating trough have a three-layer structure, the middle layer adopts sound insulation and noise reduction materials, the overall frame structure, the tank body adopts a double-layer structure, and sound-absorbing measures (with sound-absorbing rubber in the middle);

6) The design of the feeding port structure must be comprehensively considered in conjunction with the melting electric furnace, which is conducive to feeding, preventing material flow from impacting the furnace wall, protecting the furnace body, and facilitating the effect of smoking and dust removal.

7) The front end is equipped with protective plates on both sides, which are connected with the dust removal cover to effectively remove dust and prevent molten iron from splashing, and there is an observation window for easy use;

8) The discharge port adopts manganese plate, which is heat-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-magnetic, has liquid iron splash and auxiliary dust collection baffle, and can be disassembled, can be equipped with dust filter separation device, and can also be matched with electric furnace dust removal equipment and furnace cover form Design the feed opening.

9) Use cable reel power supply mode to supply power;

10) It is interlocked with the furnace cover turnover mechanism, and the environmental protection facilities to achieve signal interlocking, and the car is equipped with an emergency stop device, which is convenient to stop in emergency situations and ensure safety;

11) The centralized control cabinet of the feeding system adopts Schneider proximity switches as the position detection sensor, intelligent feeding, diverse and flexible working modes, with automatic, semi-automatic and manual working conditions.