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Medium frequency quenching equipment for steel bar surface

Medium frequency quenching equipment for steel bar surface


Overview: Suitable for surface quenching of steel bars with a quenching depth of 10mm. The power supply is a set of 6-pulse KGPS100KW/1.5KHZ intermediate frequency power supply.

Working process: First set the quenching temperature on the temperature control instrument, then put the workpiece into the guide groove, press the run button, the pneumatic feeding mechanism pushes the workpiece into the sensor to heat it, and the far-infrared thermometer detects the workpiece Heating temperature. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the equipment will automatically stop, and the workpiece will be sent out of the sensor to complete a heating process. Put in another workpiece and press the run button again to proceed to the next heating process.

Technical parameters of intermediate frequency quenching equipment

1 Technical parameters of workpiece size

Workpiece material: 45# steel.

Workpiece parameters: diameter 50mm, length 100mm.

2 Main technical requirements for workpiece heating

Initial temperature: 20℃;

Quenching temperature: 800℃±20℃;

Quenching capacity: 100mm/5s;

Quenching depth: 10mm;

3 Power frequency and calculation of heating cycle

3.1 Power frequency

According to the shape and size of the semi-shaft, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate frequency in consideration of the temperature difference between the core and the surface. The theoretical calculation is combined with the actual experience. The quenching depth is 10mm and the power frequency is 1.5KHz.

3.2 Calculate the heating cycle

After calculation, the quenching depth is 10mm, the quenching capacity is 100mm/5s, and the power of 100KW intermediate frequency power supply can fully meet the requirements.

Inductor description of medium frequency quenching equipment

The inductor includes induction coil, busbar, fixed bracket, spray system, etc.

1 induction coil

The induction coil is made of 99.99% T2 rectangular copper tube. The surface insulation of the induction coil is sprayed with a layer of high-strength epoxy insulating resin by electrostatic spraying process, and the withstand voltage of the insulating layer is greater than 5000V. The inductor coil comes with a spray quenching liquid hole.

2 induction coil parameters

The parameters of the induction coil are optimized and designed with special computer software. It can ensure the best electromagnetic coupling efficiency with the quenching transformer under the same capacity.


Inductor coil, bus bar and spray ring outline drawing (the upper part of the figure above is the heating induction coil, the lower half is the spray system, and the middle is the quenched workpiece)

Medium frequency quenching equipment quenching transformer

The quenching transformer adopts the cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the coil is wrapped with bituminous mica tape and heated and dipped in a baking process, which makes the transformer higher withstand voltage and better waterproof. Transformer water collection


Quenching transformer shape

All the devices are made of stainless steel (including hose clamps for water pipes), which reduces unnecessary losses caused by damage to the transformer due to the blockage of the water collector.