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Warm forging furnace

Warm forging furnace

Warm forging furnace is a non-standard induction furnace commonly used in the forging industry. The round steel is heated by preheating and spraying graphite and then heated to the temperature required for warm forging, which is a secondary heating method. The whole set of equipment is equipped with automatic washboard feeding, chain conveying, graphite automatic spraying machine and other equipment to realize the complete automation and intelligence of the warm forging furnace.

1. Warm forging concept of warm forging furnace:

When the round steel is heated, the recrystallization temperature of the round steel is about 750 °C. When forging is performed at a temperature above 700 °C, the deformation energy can be dynamically released, and the forming resistance is sharply reduced; when forging at 700-850 °C, the forging is oxidized. There are less skins, the surface decarburization is slight, and the size of the forgings changes less; when forging above 950 °C, although the forming force is smaller, the scale and surface decarburization of the forgings are serious, and the size of the forgings changes greatly. Therefore, forging in the range of 700-850 ° C can obtain forgings with better quality and precision.

The warm forging of the warm forging furnace refers to the forging of steel forgings that will be below the crystallization temperature and higher than the normal temperature. The purpose of using the warm forging process is to obtain precision forgings, and the purpose of warm forging is to improve the precision and quality of the forgings without the large forming force of cold forging.

2, the heating of the warm forging furnace:

Warm forging furnace is a kind of online induction heating using two sets of intermediate frequency furnace heating systems, one set of intermediate frequency heating furnace is preheated online, the other set of intermediate frequency heating furnace is finally heated, and the round steel workpiece is accurately heated. There is an automatic ink jet box between the sets of heating furnaces. The graphite spraying tank is located between the preheating intermediate frequency heating furnace and the heating induction furnace. The preheated billet is sprayed with graphite on-line, and the sprayed billet is then heated in the heating induction furnace. Graphite spraying can cool the billet in a cold state and prevent decarburization. During the extrusion process, graphite also plays the role of lubricating and protecting the mold.

The preheating temperature of the warm forging heating furnace is generally 120°C to 150°C. After the preheating is completed, the workpiece needs to be sprayed with graphite. In particular, the design of the guide rail and the design of the nozzle has its own unique way.

3. The composition of the warm forging furnace:

The warm forging furnace consists of two independent intermediate frequency power supplies, two sets of intermediate frequency compensation capacitors, a material frame turning mechanism, an automatic washboard (stepped) feeding mechanism, a continuous conveying mechanism, a horizontally opposed feeding mechanism, and a pre-spraying tank. It is composed of pump station, electrical control and operating system, temperature measurement system and sorting system.