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Manufacturing method of inductor of induction heating machine

Manufacturing method of inductor of induction heating machine

The induction coil is an indispensable induction heating equipment in the induction heating machine. After we understand the working principle of the induction coil, let’s talk about the production method of the induction coil in the high-frequency induction equipment supporting equipment:

1. Observe the size and shape of the workpiece to be heated.

2. Determine the number of turns of the induction coil according to the heating temperature. If it exceeds 700°C, a double-turn or multi-turn structure should be used.

3. Adjust the induction coil gap: the gap between the small workpiece and the induction coil should be controlled within 1-3mm, so that the head of the flat wedge can just be put down; the gap between the larger workpiece and the induction coil is somewhat different from that of the small workpiece. When the power adjustment and rotation have been adjusted to the maximum, the current has also reached the maximum but the heating speed is very slow, at this time, the gap between the workpiece and the induction coil should be reduced or the number of induction coil turns should be increased.

4. The induction coil should be a copper tube with a diameter of more than 8mm and a wall thickness of 1mm. If the diameter of a round copper tube is greater than 8mm, it is better to process it into a square copper tube first, and then bend the induction coil;

5. The copper tube is annealed to facilitate bending and forming, and then put it into the prepared workpiece or mold, and gradually tap the shape of the induction coil designed according to the needs. It is best to use a wooden hammer when tapping. This is not easy to remove the copper. The tube should be knocked flat, and the turning point should be knocked slowly, not too hard;

6. After bending, the air pump is used to pass water to check whether the induction coil is blocked; for the induction coil with multi-turn structure to prevent short circuit between turns, high-temperature insulation materials (insulation tube, glass ribbon, fire-resistant Cement), the electrical contact part connected with the machine will polish the surface oxide layer clean.


The induction coil must not be short-circuited, and the metal workpiece must not be in contact with the copper tube of the induction coil. Otherwise, it will cause sparks, the machine will not work properly with self-protection in the lighter case, and the machine and the induction coil will be damaged in the severe case. Try not to make it yourself so as not to cause unnecessary damage.