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Core components of induction heating equipment

Core components of induction heating equipment

The inductor occupies a pivotal position in the induction heat treatment, and the badness of a good inductor directly determines the success or failure of the induction heat treatment.

one. The choice of sensor material.

1. Effective ring material: pure copper, T1, T2, T3. Generally use T2, oxygen-free copper, TU0, U1, TU2. Generally choose TU1. There is also single crystal copper to choose from.

2. Permeable magnet, steel sheet, 0.2-0.35, need phosphating. Ferrite, ferrite powder, can be processed to permeable magnet.

3. Insulation material, polytetrafluoroethylene 0.5, 1, 2 large material.

4. Screw bolts, stainless steel (non-magnetic) brass H62, 4. glue 502, 504, meteorite glue.

5. Sensor fixing board, epoxy board.

two. Sensor design, design software, CAD CXCA, SOLIDWORKS, imitated design, experience design, theoretical calculation design.

three. Sensor manufacturing

1. Forming, manual tapping, bending, wire cutting, turning, milling, sawing, machining center, drilling, casting. Joint form, 45° miter. Casing connection. Overlap.

2. Welding, oxygen welding There are copper welding, brass welding, silver welding, and phosphor brazing.

3. Surface treatment, sandblasting, nitric acid washing.

4. Calibrate the platform, square box, height ruler, and rubber hammer.

5. Leak test and flow detection of the sensor. The leak test of the sensor should be tested at a pressure higher than the working pressure of the sensor, generally 1.5 times the pressure. The sensor flow is tested under the working pressure, which is greater than the designed rated flow. 0.8-1.2MPA is the working pressure. Finally, the sensor needs to be tested. During the test, the power is from small to large and the time is from short to long, and rectification is carried out according to the test results.

Four. Maintenance and maintenance of the inductor of the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace

1. The sensor should be based on the specification or product model number, build a resume and build a production record sheet. The damage of the sensor 1. It can be repaired after being hit.

2. The magnetizer falls off 504 sticks, temporarily stick it with meteorite glue.

3. Water leakage can be repaired by brass welding, silver welding, or copper welding. In order to improve the life of the sensor, it is recommended to reduce the power, extend the distance, lower the temperature of the cooling water, and increase the pressure of the cooling water. Improve design and manufacturing level