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The characteristics and process of crankshaft quenching equipment

The characteristics and process of crankshaft quenching equipment

The main features of crankshaft quenching equipment:

1. Adopting digital control system, advanced performance, easy to use, accurate positioning, with quenching functions such as connection, simultaneous, segmented connection, and segmented simultaneous.

2. High degree of automation, programming according to the workpiece process flow, automatically completes heating, rotation, water spraying, and quick return.

3. Diversified quenching methods, continuous scanning quenching, so that the entire shaft has a uniform quenching layer and uniform hardness.

4. It can be used for induction hardening of shafts, discs, pins, gears and other parts, with high precision and long life.

5. The frequency of the equipment can be based on the requirements of the workpiece processed by the user, generally 15-35KHz, the suitable hardened layer is 2-6mm, the hardened layer is moderate, the hardness meets the requirements, the amount of deformation is small, and the speed is 1/3 faster than the thyristor intermediate frequency .

6. The inductor is an open-close type inductor, it is not necessary to remove the workpiece during quenching, and the inductor can directly buckle the outer circle of the workpiece.

The process of crankshaft quenching equipment: After the workpiece is heated, it will rotate at a constant speed. At the same time, it will be sprayed for quenching. The sensor is sprayed with water, so that after the workpiece is heated to the required temperature, the water spray solenoid valve can be automatically opened to spray water. The depth of the hardened layer and the hardness of the hardened layer, the power is adjustable, the heating speed is fast, the hardened layer is uniform and moderate, and it is energy-saving and energy-saving; the temperature is easy to control, the heating range is wide, and the applicability is strong. It is only for metal induction heating, environmentally friendly and pollution-free!