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How to make the feeding car system of the induction melting furnace?

How to make the feeding car system of the induction melting furnace?

The size of the feeding truck of the induction melting furnace should meet the needs of continuous feeding and production melting. There are two operation modes of the control box and the remote control for the running of the feeding car and the hydraulic lifting operation. The key signals such as the position status of the feeding car, the running status, and the running status of the hydraulic station should be entered into the PLC and displayed on the HMI screen.

The inner layer of the feeding car is equipped with a wear-resistant plate, which has dual drives, low noise, is not easy to jam, and runs smoothly.

The drive mechanism of the feeder truck adopts two control methods of frequency conversion and conventional start, which can run smoothly and stop stably. The double-motor drive structure is reliable and durable. It should ensure that it can still run with reduced load when one drive fails, and ensure the continuity of production. Considering the strength of the reducer and motor during load shedding operation); the frequency converter adopts Siemens, Fuji, ABB brands, with a display panel and manual; the conventional start is controlled by a contactor, and the control box is equipped with a switch to realize the conventional/variable frequency mode conversion , the normal/frequency conversion status signal should be connected to PLC, displayed through HMI, and set up interlock protection.

When the feeding truck is running with sound and light alarm, an emergency switch should be set. The emergency switch needs to consider the convenience of operation to ensure timely and safe shutdown in the event of an accident, and configure an anti-collision device;

The control lines of the feeding car system should be laid out and hung reasonably to avoid damage to the lines during the feeding process of the feeding car.

The interlocking device is set between the feeding car and the furnace body of the induction melting furnace, the lifting platform, and the dust removal system to avoid misoperation and damage to the equipment, and the safety protection measures are perfect.

High-quality capacitive proximity switches and photoelectric switches are used for position detection.

The feeding system can read data and is equipped with an independent screen, which can display the lifting platform, the working status of the feeding car, the position status,

Key parameters such as the working state of the hydraulic station, and with interlocking protection function, ensure the safety of the equipment.