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How to transform the induction melting furnace to be more energy efficient?

How to transform the induction melting furnace to be more energy efficient?

A. The situation of the 2-ton induction melting furnace before the transformation:

1. The 2-ton induction melting furnace is equipped with 1500Kw, the melting temperature is required to be 1650 degrees, and the designed melting time is within 1 hour. The actual melting time is close to 2 hours, which is far from the original design.

2. The inverter thyristor is seriously burned, and even the rectifier thyristor is often damaged.

3. Two capacitors have bulging belly phenomenon

4. The noise of the reactor is very loud

5. It is difficult to start after the new furnace is fired

6. After the water-cooled cable is tested, the length is unreasonable, and there is a phenomenon of killing and bending.

7. The water temperature of the cooling system exceeds 55 degrees

8. The cooling system pipeline is seriously aging

9. The power supply water inlet pipeline is larger than the return water pipeline, resulting in poor cooling water flow

B, 2 tons of induction melting furnace transformation content:

1. Replace the rectifier thyristor and inverter thyristor, increase the withstand voltage and overcurrent value of the thyristor, and increase the conduction angle of the thyristor.

2. Increase the DC voltage of the original intermediate frequency power supply from 680V to 800V, and the DC current from the original 1490A to 1850A, so as to ensure that the output power of the induction melting furnace reaches the design value of 1500Kw.

3. Improve the effective power of the induction melting furnace and greatly increase the power factor, thereby improving the utilization rate of the transformer and reducing the reactive power penalty.

4. Replace the bulging capacitor, increase the capacitor arrangement, and reduce the heat generated by the copper bar and the capacitor.

5. Arrange the reactor, strengthen the reactor coil, and reduce the noise caused by the coil vibration

6. Clean and replace the internal water circuit of the power supply cabinet and increase the return water pipeline, which greatly improves the cooling effect of the melting furnace. The phenomenon of burning is basically eliminated.

7. Increase the length of the water-cooled cable to ensure that the water-cooled cable does not bend to death during the whole process of the melting furnace turning, and to ensure the cooling effect of the cable

C. Transformation effect of 2 ton induction melting furnace:

1. When the smelting temperature of the 2-ton induction melting furnace is 1650 degrees, the single furnace smelting time is 55 minutes, which is nearly 1 times faster than before the transformation.

2. The temperature of the cooling circulating water is reduced by 10 degrees, and the water temperature is about 42 degrees during normal use.

3. There is no silicon burning phenomenon in half a year after the transformation, and the noise of the intermediate frequency power supply is greatly reduced.

4. After the water-cooled cable is replaced, there is no dead bending phenomenon, and the water-cooled cable cools normally.