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How high is the maximum temperature of the gear hot-fitting to be heated without tempering?

How high is the maximum temperature of the gear hot-fitting to be heated without tempering?

Induction heating equipment is used for gear hot loading

1. How high the temperature of the gear assembly can be depends on the amount of interference. Generally, there are two types of fits between gears and shafts. One is with a keyway, and the other depends entirely on interference-without a keyway. The interference without a keyway is generally very large, and enough interference is to ensure that the hole and the shaft will not slip, and the two form a lock.

2. The gear inner hole with keyway has a small amount of interference, and the heating temperature does not need to be high to achieve smooth installation. Gears without a keyway have different interferences depending on their diameters. Some pinion gears have an interference of 5-7 wires, while gears with larger diameters can even reach more than 10 wires.

3. Under normal circumstances, the gear heater can achieve interference assembly when heating the gear to 150-180°C. For gears with large diameters and weighing hundreds of kilograms or over ton, the heating temperature is slightly higher. Use clamps, pliers, or directly wear gloves to hold the assembly. The large gear often needs to be hoisted, transferred, aligned, and lowered in several steps to install it. There is a certain process, and the assembly takes a long time.

4. The better heating temperature of gear tempered parts should not exceed 250°C. Low temperature tempering should be considered. It is reasonable for the hot pack temperature to be 30-40°C higher than the use temperature, so many manufacturers choose 180°C. As the highest temperature ℃. When designing, it is necessary to calculate the expansion coefficient clearly, set a reasonable amount of interference, and control the heating temperature ℃ so that the material and hardness ℃ will not change.

5. If the amount of interference is large, the gear heater can be used in conjunction with the press, and first heat to a certain temperature ℃, or if it is not possible to directly heat the sleeve, use the press for press-fitting. The specific situation of gear quenching can be found out from the supplier, so that the best results can be achieved only when the design is reasonable.