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Billet electric heating furnace

Billet electric heating furnace

1. Energy saving principle:

After the billet is drawn from the continuous casting machine, the surface has a temperature of 750-850, and the internal temperature is even as high as 950-1000°C. One of the basic principles of induction heating is the skin effect that heat energy is gradually transferred inward from the surface heating. Above, one-third of the inside of the billet does not need to be raised. According to different billet cross-sectional dimensions, select different frequencies to get better heating efficiency.

2. Energy-saving points:

a) The high energy utilization rate of induction heating can be as high as 65 to 75%, while the traditional regenerative heating furnace is only 25 to 30%.

b) The surface oxidation of the induction heating billet is only 0.5%, while the regenerative furnace can reach 1.5-2%.

The characteristics of the billet electric heating furnace:

1. The billet heating furnace is controlled by a series resonance power supply, which is fully digital, fully open to rectification, high power factor, and small harmonic components.

2. Even heating, less oxidation and decarburization, and low power consumption. To

3. The entire heating process of the billet electric heating furnace realizes PLC automatic control, and timely displays various data during the heating process and can save records. .

4. The furnace body adopts a profiling design. The copper tube is wound with T2 oxygen-free copper. The wall thickness of the copper tube is greater than or equal to 3mm. The furnace body insulation material is made of knotted materials imported from the United States, which has high strength, high temperature resistance and longer service life.

5. The heat-treated steel billet has better compressive internal stress, which makes the work piece more resistant to fatigue and breaking. The work piece has no cracks and has high tensile strength.

6. The water-cooled rollers and stop rollers of the billet electric heating furnace are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life.

7. Feeding and guiding system: each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, multi-axis drive is set, and a single inverter is controlled to synchronize the multi-axis operation. The components are selected high-quality, reliable in quality and stable in operation. The stainless steel guide wheel is used to maintain moderate elasticity in the axial direction of the guide wheel to adapt to the bending within the allowable range of the billet.