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The principle of automatic feeding of round steel induction heating furnace

The principle of automatic feeding of round steel induction heating furnace

After manually sending the workpiece to the feeding trough platform in advance (designed to be placed approximately once in a shift), the feeding cylinder will send the workpieces to the guide trough in front of the induction furnace according to the set beats, and the feeding cylinder will be set again The tempo pushes the workpiece into the induction furnace for heating. The heating cycle is controlled by a digital display time relay, and the control accuracy can reach 0.1 second.

The fast discharging machine adopts a roller discharging mechanism at the outlet of the furnace. The motor drives the roller to rotate during normal operation. When the pushed blank falls on the roller of the roller, the rotated roller is quickly sent out to the forging press by friction. This greatly reduces the oxidation and cooling of the blank, and at the same time improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of the operators.


On-site use diagram of fast discharging machine

The mechanical structure design strength is 3 times higher than the static pressure design strength.

All mechanical parts adopt domestic famous brand pneumatic components, and seals adopt imported ones.

The mechanical mechanism has accurate positioning, reliable operation, reasonable structure of the whole set of equipment, low user input cost, small maintenance, and easy maintenance and maintenance.

The whole set of equipment fully considers the impact of ambient temperature on the equipment.

The steel is produced by well-known domestic manufacturers.

There are mechanical and electrical shockproof, anti-loose, anti-magnetic (copper or other non-magnetic material connection) measures.

Note: The workpiece oriented transmission (chute) between the discharging machine and the forging equipment is prepared by the user.