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Teach you how to make induction heating furnace heating coils

Teach you how to make induction heating furnace heating coils

The heating effect of the heating coil of the induction heating furnace not only depends on the working current of the induction coil, but also directly related to the shape of the induction coil, the number of turns, the length of the copper tube, the workpiece material, the shape and other factors. The power of the equipment should be maximized. For effective utilization, it is very important to make heating coils reasonably according to the material and shape of the workpiece.


The heating coil material of the induction heating furnace is a red copper tube with a diameter of more than 8mm and a wall thickness of 1mm. If the diameter of a round copper tube is greater than 8mm, it is better to process a square copper tube first, and then bend the heating coil;


For workpieces with special shapes, different heating coils should be made according to the different shapes of the workpieces;


Anneal the copper pipe, then plug one end, and pour the other end with dry fine sand or lead liquid.


Gradually bend and beat according to the designed heating coil shape. It is best to use a wooden or rubber hammer when beating. The turning point should be beaten slowly, not excessive force;


After bending, tap the heating coil with a copper tube to shake out the fine sand. If the lead liquid is filled, the heating coil should be heated until the lead is melted, and then the lead liquid should be poured out. Check whether the heating coil is ventilated.

For heating coils with multi-turn structure, in order to prevent short circuits between the heating coils, heat-resistant insulating materials, such as glass pipes or glass fiber tapes, should be covered, and the surface oxide layer should be polished clean on the electrical contacts connected to the machine.