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Description of furnace body part of steel bar quenching and tempering production line

Description of furnace body part of steel bar quenching and tempering production line

Place the additional 750Kw (1) heating furnace in front of the original 1000Kw heating furnace, and form a normalizing and quenching production line with the original equipment;

The increased 750Kw (1) heating furnace is mainly heated before the Curie point, and heated to 500°C, so that the heating capacity of the equipment can be fully utilized, and the heating efficiency is very high;

The original 1000Kw heating furnace will bear the heating of 500℃~930℃, this part will not be changed;

The additional 750Kw (2) heating furnace is mainly responsible for the tempering and normalizing of steel pipes;

At the station of the quenching liquid collection system, a set of 750Kw normalizing heating furnace (including compensation capacitor) is also designed. When using this heating furnace, the intermediate frequency power supply adopts the newly added No. 2 power supply (750Kw power supply used for tempering at the same time), which is switched by the furnace changer switch.

The first set of heating furnace body is 750Kw (1), two heating furnace bodies are arranged between three supporting rods, and the length of the furnace body is 700mm

Normalizing and tempering heating furnaces are divided into three groups according to the size of the workpiece, 2 in each group, divided as follows according to the size of the steel pipe: φ133~φ196, φ197~φ260, φ261~φ325. The length of the sensor is 700mm, and the two sections are connected in series. Furnace lining is knotted, its refractory temperature can reach 1760℃, and the waterway adopts quick-change joints. In order to adapt to the heating steel pipes of different specifications, the heating furnace is designed with a fixed bracket that can be adjusted up and down, and the screw elevator is driven by the gear reducer to adjust, so that the center lines of the heating furnaces of different specifications are all at the same height. At the outlet end of the normalizing and quenching production line, a set of quenching spray device is set up to quench the steel pipe. After the quenching treatment, the steel pipe enters the tempering production line along the transfer support rod.

The upper and lower adjustments of the heating furnace and quenching liquid spray system are all electrically adjusted.