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How to use induction melting furnace safely?

How to use induction melting furnace safely?

(1) When the melting starts, because the inductance and capacitance on the line cannot be matched quickly and properly, the current is unstable, so it can only be supplied with low power in a short time. Once the current is stable, it should be switched to full load transmission. The capacitor should be adjusted continuously during the melting process to keep the electrical equipment with a high power factor. After the charge is completely melted, the molten steel is overheated to a certain degree, and then the input power is reduced according to the smelting requirements.

(2). Proper melting time should be controlled. Too short gas melting time will cause difficulties in the selection of voltage and capacitance. If it is too long, it will increase the useless heat loss.

(3) Improper cloth or excessive rust in the furnace material will cause “bridging” phenomenon, which should be dealt with in time. The “bridging” prevents the unmelted material at the upper part from falling into the molten steel, causing the melting to stagnate, and the overheating of the molten steel at the bottom can easily damage the furnace lining and cause the molten steel to absorb a large amount of gas.

(4) Due to electromagnetic stirring, the middle of the molten steel bulges, and the slag often flows to the edge of the crucible and adheres to the furnace wall. Therefore, the slag should be continuously added according to the furnace conditions during the melting process.