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Precautions for dry ramming and ramming materials in induction furnace

Precautions for dry ramming and ramming materials in induction furnace


The site or mixing equipment must be cleaned up before mixing. It is strictly forbidden to mix in other impurities, especially steel scraps and iron. It is strictly forbidden to mix into the material. After stopping the furnace, add a furnace cover and slowly cool down.

This type of induction furnace dry beater can be used directly without any additives (including water)

All the induction furnace dry-beating materials are made of special materials, which have better performance in many aspects such as refractoriness, slag resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal shock performance. Therefore, it is determined and guaranteed that the material can be used as a high-quality furnace lining material with stable and excellent performance under harsh or even harsh smelting conditions. The scope of application is more extensive, such as the smelting of stainless steel, high-alloy steel and high-speed tool steel.

The ramming material of the induction furnace is usually rammed with an air hammer or a ramming machine, and the thickness of the ramming material is about 50~150mm at one time. Refractory ramming materials can be constructed at room temperature. For example, using thermoplastic organic materials that can form carbon bonds as binders, most of them are heated and mixed evenly and then constructed immediately. After molding, different heating methods are used to promote hardening according to the hardening characteristics of the mixture. Or sintering. For ramming materials containing inorganic chemical binders, they can be demolded and baked after they harden to a certain strength; materials containing thermoplastic carbon binders can be demolded after they have cooled to appropriate strength. After demolding It should be heated quickly to carbonize it before use. The sintering of the refractory ramming material furnace lining can be carried out in advance before use, or can be completed by heat treatment with a suitable thermal system during the first use. The baking and heating system of the ramming material varies according to the material. The main purpose of the ramming material is the lining of the smelting furnace that is in direct contact with the molten material, such as the blast furnace tap hook, the bottom of the steelmaking furnace, the lining of the induction furnace, the top of the electric furnace, and the blanking part of the rotary kiln, etc., in addition to forming a whole In addition to the furnace lining, large prefabricated components can also be manufactured

After many years of practical experience, the furnace temperature is lower than the furnace temperature of ordinary steel, and the furnace life is longer.

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