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Comparison of high frequency quenching equipment and traditional heat treatment equipment

Comparison of high frequency quenching equipment and traditional heat treatment equipment

1. Process energy saving. Medium and high frequency specific gravity oil heating saves 31.5%-54.3% energy, which is 5%-40% more energy efficient than gas heating.

2. Less oxidation burning loss, the oxidation burning loss of medium and high frequency heating forgings is only 0.5%, the oxidation loss of gas furnace heating is 2%, and the coal burning furnace is 3%. The medium and high frequency heating process saves steel.

High-frequency quenching equipment also has multi-purpose models, such as:

1) Horizontal machine, suitable for quenching and processing of hardware workpieces without steps or optical shafts, which is convenient for fully automatic operation;

2) Vertical machine, which can be used in a wide range of shafts and discs, and the deformation of slender parts is large during quenching;

3) The special quenching equipment is a quenching machine tool for a certain kind of large-scale workpiece, and is equipped with a manipulator to complete the fully automatic operation.

4) Performance selection of high frequency quenching equipment. For example, the frequency and power of the high-frequency machine.

4. The heating temperature is uniform and the quality is good, which can reduce the scrap rate by 1.5% and improve the production efficiency by 10%-30%. High frequency quenching equipment

5. The equipment is compact and occupies a small area, which greatly saves space and is convenient for maintenance. The heating furnace body of the equipment is modularized and easy to replace.

6. High degree of automation, easy to realize automation, saving labor costs and improving work efficiency.

7. The automation of the heating production line is realized, which greatly improves the production efficiency.