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The advantages of epoxy board in high-speed rail insulation

The advantages of epoxy board in high-speed rail insulation

Epoxy board is suitable for many industries. The following epoxy pipe manufacturers introduce their advantages in high-speed rail insulation.

The biggest feature of high-speed rail is fast. With the continuous acceleration of high-speed rail, testing and positioning becomes particularly important. The sensor has become the best choice for speed measurement and positioning. Natural insulation and dielectric are also inevitable. After many repeated practices, epoxy board is the mainstream product of high-speed rail insulation.

Insulation: According to the data, the voltage of the high-speed rail contact line is 27.5KV, which shows that the voltage is huge! But the withstand voltage of the epoxy board is: parallel layer breakdown voltage (in 90±2℃ transformer oil): ≥40KV, there is no possibility of breakdown at all.

High and low temperature resistance: According to relevant data, the working temperature of epoxy board ranges from minus 100 degrees to 270 degrees (Baidu), and the lowest temperature of the high-cold high-speed rail Harbin-Dalian line is minus 40 degrees, which has a severe test on the low temperature resistance of the material. Suspect epoxy board can be used.

Moisture resistance: The high-speed rail is always exposed to the outside, it is inevitable to encounter rain and snow, and the epoxy board has good moisture resistance, and its water absorption rate ((D-24/23, board thickness 1.6mm): ≤19mg) .

Dimensional stability: It is less affected by the environment and will not be deformed due to high and low temperatures.

Flame-retardant: Just in July of this year, a fire broke out in the Changsha High-speed Railway Station, with heavy smoke billowing, causing serious losses. Although it is not a high-speed rail fire, it is also very dangerous. Therefore, flame retardancy is also very important for high-speed rail, and it is necessary to prevent problems before they occur. The flame retardant performance of epoxy board reaches 94V-0 standard.