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Breathable brick production technology and control points

Breathable brick production technology and control points

Breathable bricks play a pivotal role in my country’s steelmaking industry, through which argon gas can be injected into steel. During the selection process, the air-permeable bricks can adjust the temperature of the water inside the steel. Stirring the molten steel makes all the components inside the molten steel evenly distributed in every place. At the same time, it can also help the existing molten steel to remove internal impurities and make the inside at that time All impurities float up, which is beneficial to exhaust all the impurities.

Breathable bricks are prepared according to the formula in the production process, and then the prepared ingredients are mixed according to some related mixing systems. After mixing, all the material preparation procedures can be completed, and then all the materials are poured into the predetermined mold. Then it can be vibrated. After the vibration, the ventilating brick itself will be formed, and finally the curing and demolding will be carried out to obtain the brick core of the ventilating brick. After the brick core is formed, a series of processes such as drying and firing will be carried out. It will eventually be stored.

When selecting the ingredients for the production of ventilating bricks, all the ambient temperature of the mixing plant must ensure that the ingredients can be stirred. This temperature is controlled within 32 degrees and 15 degrees, and all temperatures in the maintenance field are controlled within 20 degrees and 32 degrees. In this process, the air-permeable brick must be stirred by a mixer. The mixer gradually increases all the materials inside. The particles are increased first and then the small particles are added, and the aggregates are added first, and then the powder is added.

Each time the material is synthesized, water must be added in a fixed proportion. The mixer is a 140 mixer, which can mix 400 kg of air-permeable brick materials every time. It is divided into two parts, one is dry mixing, and the other is wet. Stir. Under normal circumstances, the dry stirring is 3, and the stirring is 8 minutes per minute. After all the stirring is completed, it should be observed whether the material is segregated.

The production date, shift serial number, etc. must be recorded on each brick of the produced ventilating bricks. In this way, each brick can be specifically recorded to facilitate information query. After that, all the produced ventilating bricks must be passed through After adjustment, the work after adjustment includes the basic treatment of hanging feet, scarring, and repairing. Then it is dried. The drying and firing process is carried out in strict accordance with the company’s system. After drying, it can be inspected without any problems, and then cleaned and stored.