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Analysis on the Service Life of Induction Melting Furnace Lining

Analysis on the Service Life of Induction Melting Furnace Lining

The induction melting furnace is selected as the melting equipment by the electrolytic aluminum industry because of its simple operation, low melting loss and easy control. Due to the short life of the furnace lining and the frequent occurrence of furnace leakage incidents and the asbestos board used in the furnace paving process caused a certain degree of harm to human health, it seriously affected the safety production. For this reason, how to prolong the life of the furnace lining and select safe furnace materials to ensure the safe and stable operation of the induction melting furnace has become a research topic in the intermediate frequency industry.

First of all, let’s talk about the requirements of this induction melting furnace for lining refractories. Today we will first analyze the magnesia ramming material produced by Gongyi Hongda furnace charge.

① It should have sufficient refractoriness. The refractoriness of the lining material for smelting cast iron should be greater than 1650~1700C, and the softening temperature should be higher than 1650C;

②Good chemical stability, no hydrolysis and differentiation at low temperature, difficult to decompose and reduce at high temperature, difficult to produce physical and chemical reactions with metal alloy liquid, slag, additives, etc. during the smelting process, and produce metallurgical reactants;

③Good thermal stability, small thermal expansion coefficient, continuous changes in the temperature of the furnace lining, no cracks due to uneven heating, stable volume, and no violent expansion and contraction to deform the furnace lining;

④Good mechanical properties, can withstand the impact of charge charging at low temperature, and withstand the pressure of alloy liquid and strong electromagnetic stirring at high temperature. It can wear resistance and heat corrosion under the continuous scouring of the alloy liquid;

⑤Good insulation performance, the furnace lining does not conduct electricity at low temperature and high temperature, otherwise the leakage and short circuit will cause serious accidents;

⑥Good knotting performance, easy repair and sintering performance, convenient knotting and maintenance, and the materials should be easily purchased in the market

In total, it is summarized as the following points:

1: The influence of furnace lining material on furnace age. The choice of furnace lining material must correspond to the properties of the smelted metal material, as well as the price and performance.

2: Influence of knotting process in furnace building. After selecting the charge, decide dry or wet ramming, charge type, lumpness composition, binder, co-solvent, etc., and then determine the ramming process.

3: The influence of the smelting operation process, such as the nature of the furnace lining, the method of opening the furnace, the melting temperature and high temperature time, the influence of the recarburizer, and the slagging reaction.

4: The impact of maintenance