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Take you to understand the production process of epoxy glass cloth board

Take you to understand the production process of epoxy glass cloth board

Production process of epoxy glass cloth board:

(1) The tape is cut out. The process is to cut the tape into a certain size, and the cutting equipment can be a continuous fixed-length slicer, or it can be cut by hand. Tape cutting requires accurate size, 3240 epoxy board price, stack the cut tape neatly, 3240 epoxy board manufacturers, stack the tapes with different glue content and fluidity separately, make records and store them for future use.

(2) Adhesive cloth is optional. The selection process of adhesive tape is very important to the quality of the laminate. If the selection is improper, the laminate will be cracked and the surface spattered and other defects will occur. On the surface layer of the selected board, 2 sheets of adhesive tape with high surface glue content and high fluidity should be placed on each side. The volatile content should not be too large. If the volatile content is too large, it should be dried before use.

(3) Hot pressing process. The key to the pressing process is the process parameters, among which the process parameters are temperature, pressure and time. Overcome the vapour pressure of volatiles, make the bonded resin flow, and make the adhesive layer close contact; prevent the plate from being deformed when it is cooled. The size of the molding pressure is determined according to the curing characteristics of the resin. Usually the epoxy/phenolic laminate is 5.9MPa, and the epoxy sheet is 3.9-5.9MPa.

(4) Post-processing. The purpose of the post-treatment is to further cure the resin until it is completely cured, at the same time partially eliminate the internal stress of the product, and improve the bonding performance of the product. The post-treatment of epoxy board and epoxy/phenolic board is kept at a temperature of 130-150℃ for about 150min.