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Crown-shaped sector tooth induction hardening process

Crown-shaped sector tooth induction hardening process

The crown sector teeth of the automobile transmission parking system adopts induction hardening method to strengthen the surface of the precision stamped parts. The traditional induction hardening method is to quench a single piece at the same time, which has problems such as low production efficiency, large deformation of parts, high rejection rate, and uneven hardness of individual tooth ends.


The base material of the embedded single-piece induction hardening process crown-shaped sector tooth is 45 steel, and the processing technology is: 45 steel coil material is precision stamped and formed, then the tooth surface is high-frequency induction hardened, and then tempered at low temperature and then laser welded. The embedded single-piece induction hardening process is: manual single-piece loading and unloading of the workpiece, the sensor does not move, the workpiece goes deep into the sensor, and the upper and lower sides of the gear plate are inductively heated; the process parameters are DC voltage 170V, DC current 160A, and heating time 3s , Jet water cooling, cooling time 3s. Crown-shaped sector tooth superposition scanning induction hardening process fine blanking parts, regardless of the contour or the center hole, the dimensional accuracy is very high, combined with the continuous induction hardening process of the shaft, it is envisaged to use a special fixture to stack a single workpiece and lock both ends, so that It becomes a similar “special-shaped shaft” which is clamped in the hardening machine station. The station moves up and down under the control of the machine tool. The sensor is fixed and the hardened surface of the workpiece is scanned and hardened. This will greatly reduce the loading and unloading and cooling time in the machine.